The Dragon Legacy Project

The Dragon Legacy is the finest electroacoustic transducer system ever created by the PEAK Consult team. Driven by a profound passion for the ultimate in music reproduction and a true obsession for both craftsmanship and technical perfection, the Peak Consult Dragon Legacy will redefine your music listening experience forever.

The Dragon Legacy Vision

The all-new Dragon Legacy is the culmination of this company’s extensive technical capability in manufacturing the finest loudspeaker in the world. With a combined 100 years of development experience in high performance loudspeakers, there have been thousands of hours of knowledge applied to fine tune this masterpiece. The vision was simple, to deliver a new reference point in real music playback. The cabinet is designed from the ground up and is exceptional in every detail. Eliminating cabinet resonances was the number one goal. All proprietary drive units are new developments, designed uniquely for this project. The crossover is constructed using the very finest components currently available on the market, which are all carefully selected for the sound they deliver. Having amazing component parts is only one piece of the Dragon Legacy story, as it takes exceptional know-how and vision to bring these elements all together, to create the finished product.
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Dragon Legacy speaker
Dragon Legacy back

The Dragon Legacy Loudspeakers

The total weight for each Dragon Legacy loudspeaker exceeds 225kg. The sidewalls consist of 4 layers of rigid but highly damped material with a combined thickness of 50 mm in places. The connection of the 5 compartment segments internally is a combined 85 mm thick. There are 4 types of adhesives used in the construction process, all for their specific individual properties. For laminating the HDF the development team specified a foam vibration glue that never hardens entirely. For cabinet construction, 2 types of glue are used in a hybrid way, a hard carpenter glue in a mix with a thick acoustic glue. For the leather sections, a thick padding
contact glue is used. The crossover system is mounted into a dedicated sealed chamber, which is highly damped. This chamber is entirely filled with sand, to eliminate all possible microphonic effects when playing. The sand used is oven dried and is commonly employed in the sandblasting business. It is 0.3-1.0 mm, because the grain size matters! This provides a stable temperature environment even at the highest listening levels, as the sand draws out heat from all the components, allowing the ultra-high-performance components to perform in their optimum state. The cover layer of the top and side walls consists of 14mm of solid real wood, not only to ensure rigidity, but also to further dampen any unwanted resonances. Six elegant but very strong adjustable stainless-steel feet mounted on substantial steel bars are decoupled from the main cabinet. Using the finest ceramic ball bearings internally as contact points gives the perfect grounding to the loudspeaker. When listening to small musical ensembles and quiet passages, the Dragon Legacy reproduces sound like a small super high-end bookshelf loudspeaker, however, play Tchaikovsky’s fortissimos and you will experience a real “thunderstorm”.

Inside The Dragon Legacy

Carefully tuning the bass, mid-range, and tweeter, in combination with the complex crossover, results in a stunningly realistic soundstage, extremely precise imaging with an incredible rendition of even the smallest musical details. The bass section is equipped with two 28cm custom designed bass driver units, which feature 75mm voice coils with a particularly long linear excursion. The membrane consists of a sandwich composition of impregnated paper and foam, which keeps the rigid cone working perfectly, whilst eliminating resonances which would otherwise add unwanted colorations. The Dragon Legacy is equipped with a symmetrical magnet drive system to stabilize the impedance over any excursion for very low harmonic distortion and low intermodulation results. In addition, the bass reflex system uses a 4th order alignment and is tuned with a flat roll-off, so the frequency response is optimized for real-world listening rooms. This allows Dragon Legacy to control typical room gain at very low frequencies. The ports use flow resistor-damped ventilation holes to avoid unwanted output in the critical frequency range of human voices.

Perfect Phase Response

Two 15cm custom made midrange drive units use a low hysteresis rubber surround and a symmetrical magnet drive with copper rings, provide a wide dynamic level with a totally smooth and musical balance. Frequency and phase response is well controlled between the bass drivers, midrange and the tweeter. The new proprietary tweeter, utilising a waveguide, presents all musical details like a magnifying glass but with perfect natural tonality. The carefully impregnated soft dome has a large roll surround and a symmetrical magnet system which ensures uncompressed reproduction at all transient levels. All crossover components are selected from the best of the best through extensive listening sessions, regardless of their cost. It is this technical proficiency and knowledge of the development team that ensures the perfect phase and transient response and tonal balance based on the correct interaction of crossover and driver units. The result; unbelievable musicality.

Dragon Legacy front

The Legacy of a Dragon

All facts, theory and specs will never be good enough to describe the performance of the Dragon Legacy. Without a doubt, only human listening experience will expose the potential of this world class loudspeaker. Just like its older brother the Dragon Legend, the new Dragon Legacy opens a window into the world of music and sets a reference point for all others to look up to.

Specifications Dragon Legacy

Design: 3-way ported design
Crossover Freq: 140Hz/2550Hz
Freq Range: 13Hz-30,000Hz
Efficiency: 90dB @ 1w/1m
Impedance: 4 ohms utilising Peak Linear Impedance Control (PLIC)
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 172 x 40 x 58 cm

“The pinnacle of loudspeaker design cannot be created by a committee in the boardroom…”