Dragon Legacy

The audiophile history of PEAK began over 20 years ago. Driven by a deep love of music and a true passion for both craftsmanship and technical perfection, a string of quite unique loudspeakers for real enthusiasts was born.

dragon legacy

One of the rare and outstanding strengths of the company until today lies in the in-house manufacturing of the enclosures in line with our proud Danish furniture tradition. Craftsmanship, deep knowledge of material properties, and the quest for absolute freedom from resonance resulted in cabinets of incomparable stability in an exclusive, timeless design. After the company’s reorganisation in 2021, both the latest measurement technology and incomparable loudspeaker know-how were added at the highest level. To this end, PEAK is now cooperating with Fink Audio-Consulting in Essen. Wilfried Ehrenholz, PEAK co-owner and Karl-Heinz Fink have known each other for decades and together have more than 80 years of development experience in high-end loudspeaker technology. The all-new Dragon Legacy is the culmination of this company’s long history! The cabinet is redesigned from the ground up and has an almost monumental appeal. All drivers are new developments, especially for this project. The crossover is constructed from the very finest components currently manufacturable. These are carefully selected in terms of measurement technology and sound.

The newly developed Dragon Legacy loudspeaker
is the culmination of the company's impressive history!

The total weight of the Dragon Legacy loudspeaker is 225 kg (each) is irrefutable proof of the solidity of the construction. The sidewalls consist of 4 layers of high-damping materials with a thickness of 46 mm. The connection of the five compartment segments is even 82 mm thick. There is a special damped X-over compartment filled with sand which keeps all possible microphonic effects from the system. It provides a constant temperature for all components, even at the highest levels. The top layer of the side walls consists of 14mm solid walnut (depending on the version). Six elegant but very strong adjustable feet mounted on massive steel bars grant the perfect grounding of the speaker. The drivers are arranged symmetrically. This makes the Dragon Legacy behave much like a point source. Floor and ceiling reflections are minimized. Listening to small ensembles and quiet passages, the Legacy appears like a small super high-end bookshelf loudspeaker, but with Fortissimo, a real “thunderstorm” comes upon you! 

The careful tuning of bass, midrange and tweeter, combined with the complex crossover, results in a breathtakingly realistic spatiality and an extremely precise true representation of the smallest details. The bass part is equipped with two 28cm drivers. These feature 75mm voice coils on Titanium formers with a particularly long linear excursion. The membrane consists of a sandwich composition of impregnated paper and foam. It’s equipped with a symmetrical drive magnet system to stabilize the impedance over excursion for very low harmonic distortion and low Intermodulation. The bass reflex system with 4th order alignment is tuned with a flat roll-off, so the frequency response is optimized for listening rooms, dealing with typical room gain at very low frequencies. The ports use flow resistor-damped ventilation holes to avoid unwanted output in the critical frequency range of human voices.

Two 15 cm midranges with a low hysteresis rubber surround and a symmetrical magnet drive using copper rings drive provide any dynamic level with a totally smooth and musical balance. Frequency and phase response is well controlled with the bass drivers and the tweeter. The new tweeter with a waveguide shows all musical details like a magnifying glass but with a perfect natural tonality. The carefully impregnated soft dome has a large roll surround and a symmetric magnet system which ensures the uncompressed reproduction of all transient levels. All crossover components are selected from the best of the best and finally chosen through listening sessions. But in the end, it’s the technical competence and know-how of the development team which finds the perfect phase and transient response as well as the tonal balance based on the correct interaction of crossover and drivers. All facts, arguments and specs will never be good enough to describe the Dragon Legacy. Only the human listening experience will show the potential of this outstanding speaker. The Dragon Legacy opens a new window to the world of music! PEAK, House of the Dragon. A Legacy of Musicality.

Dragon Legacy Specifications

Height: 172 cm
Width: 40 cm
Depth: 58 cm
Weight: 225 kg
Efficiency: 89 dB
Impedance: 4 ohms

Frequency response Impressive