Peak Driver

Peak driver units

Our handmade Peak driver units are the ”beating heart” of each Peak speaker we build. Clearly, we use only the most sophisticated driver technology available. This goes for magnet technology, basket, voice coil or cone and dome materiel. However, it is important with unique drivers for various purposes.

Consequently, it is essential that the configuration of the driver accentuates the demand for the specific purpose and model. As a result, we focus intensively on each part and component of our speakers like the crossover and cabinets.  After all we strive to keep the vision for the finished product.  Altogether creating the overall audio performance true to the Peak DNA and philosophy.

peak driver units

The Peak driver - Tweeters

All Peak speaker systems are designed with a heavily modified 26mm silk soft dome tweeter. This principle grants the best transient response and the most natural sound. The tweeters are handmade in Denmark and custom build for Peak. The tweeters are in other words  produced with the highest accuracy available. All this is possible due to cutting edge technology and skilled craftsmanship. Each tweeter is matched in pairs within 0,1 dB. To conclude the main pints about the tweeters are:

  • Firstly, a roll surround and textile dome diaphragm provide a flat frequency response to above 30KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion. 

  • Secondly, the unique magnet system consists of 6 neodymium magnets. They are in a precise configuration with the result that they are superior to the performance of traditional motors.

  • Lastly, a unique rear chamber eliminates unwanted reflections and resonances.
peak driver

Midrange and bass driver units

All Midrange and bass drivers used in Peak speakers are tailor made. This ensures that they fit the driver configuration required for each specific speaker model. The Peak driver are extremely fast and move without any dynamic compression.  All of this is because of the mechanical construction and rear ventilation. In addition, Peak driver units are all hand build in Denmark. In conclusion the unique driver technologies consists off:

  • Firstly, one-piece sandwich molded cone that has no breakups and the ultimate balance in rigidity and damping.

  • Secondly, flow optimized diecast basket with internal magnet system minimalizing basket reflections.

  • Lastly, kapton voice coil with aluminum wire and hexacoil winding technology. The result is the capability of high-power handling and minimum weight.