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danish speakers cabinets

Danish speakers

The cabinets for all danish Peak speakers are produced in house in our own artisan’s workshop in Denmark. Above all this supreme craftmanship is at the heart of our Peak DNA and philosophy. Our speakers originate from the outstanding Danish furniture tradition.

Our cabinets are created from numerous layers of HDF affixed with special damping glue to a solid wall thickness above 30mm. Inside the cabinets we use several accurately calculated bracings in order to make the cabinets extremely rigid. Furthermore, all cabinets are covered with a 14mm hard wood and acrylic finish. In reality the extreme weight of Peak Speakers emphasizes the need for these excessive measures. In any case our speakers are heavy weight champions like the Dragon Legacy with 225 kg for each speaker!


Cabinets for our danish speakers

There are two main criteria for our danish speaker cabinets:  construction and esthetics. At first the construction is aimed at eliminating all resonance. It is important to realise that a speaker cabinet must not have a sound itself. This is opposed to a musical instrument, where the resonance of the corpus defines the beautiful sound of the instrument. Resonances in a speaker cabinet will affect the music reproduction. For that reason, we put a lot of effort into eliminating resonances to the least possible level. We do so for the purpose of not affecting the musical reality and thereby the listening experience. 

The next criteria for a perfect cabinet is the rigorous finish and final esthetics. We use real hard wood, in particular American Walnut, as the finishing coat to our cabinets. Here it becomes obvious how thoroughly our artisans perform their skill! The Peak owner can see, feel and even smell this superior quality. The acrylic bar on the side of the speaker completes the timeless and elegant design.

All together a fully completed Peak cabinet is the perfect environment for our high-performance drive units. They are able to perform with no limitation in dynamics and musical balance presenting you to experience reality.

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"These cabinets define inert, with the woofers, each midrange driver and the tweeter all having its own individual cabinet made from 1.5 – inch to 3 inch thick HDF board covered by another inch of solid acrylic, with additional resonance supressors milled into the cabinetry. If that weren’t enough, there are no parallel surfaces to be found anywhere with these enclosures."

Review by ToneAudio