Welcome to Peak Consult

Welcome to Peak Consult

The motivating force behind Peak Consult is not a complex business strategy – but pure passion! All members of the Peak team are music enthusiasts and audiophiles. This approach defines the final destination for all our high end speakers. We always consider our results as the sum of all details. Cost no object!

Read more about our newest loudspeaker: The Dragon Legacy!

The Peak consult Experience

With Peak Consult loudspeakers we aim to deliver an exceptional audiophile experience. We want you to experience music without any compromises. In other words, we want you to experience reality through our high end speakers. All our speakers undergo a long development process with countless listening hours, tweeking and technical know-how before entering the market.  Although this may be true, our ultimate goal is share our passion with other music enthusiasts and audiophiles around the world. We invite you to explore the highest Peaks and dive into a music experience like no other! Read more about the Peak Philosophy

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El Diablo

Peak Consult high end speakers

We dare to call ourselves audio specialists, creating high end loudspeakers. But you don’t have to take our word for it. 

Read what Joachim Pfeiffer has to say about our Peak El Diablo:

Peak Consult »El Diablo« ★★★★★

»Welcome to the realm of emotions« 

“When it doesn’t sound like hi-fi, rather like true music, we are happy, cry, laugh, dance, dream”. 

Joachim Pfeiffer, Hifi Sound & Music, 2022

Peak sonora

The Sonora speaker is entry level into the world of Peak. With Sonora you will experience music as it was recorded!

Peak Sinfonia

The Sinfonia is a 3-way full-grown floor-standing speaker. It offers the listener a great music experience in all categories of music.

Peak El Diablo

The El Diablo has been constantly improved over the years with updated drivers, better cross-over components, new cabinet construction etc.