Welcome to the Peak Consult Sonora Loudspeaker. With Sonora you will experience music like you have never done so before.

Peak Sonora Loudspeaker

Our Sonora is a slim elegant two-way floor standing design, utilising a passive bass radiator. It has the same compact footprint as a bookshelf speaker on a stand, however because of the perfectly built highly inert cabinet along with the passive bass radiator, it offers a much deeper and more precise bass response, with remarkable dynamics and musical balance.

The Sonora crossover is a cost no object design that uses the very best components. It is acoustically separated in its own dedicated sealed chamber, housed within the cabinet itself. This chamber is then filled with dry sand to avoid any unwanted microphonic effects and to keep the components working at optimum lower temperatures. Incorporating Peak Linear Impedance Control the Sonora presents an easy load for any amplifier, which makes matching into a system, a stress-free decision for the customer.

The simplicity of a 2-way design has other benefits, which include better natural phase and time alignment between drivers. The result to all this attention to detail, the Sonora enchants the listener with a “live music experience” and a broad and open soundstage way beyond the cabinets themselves. Classical music and Jazz are reproduced in the most natural and balanced way, with human voices that sound truly natural. At the same time, all sorts of modern music can be enjoyed at any listening volume, without distortion. 

The Sonora is the perfect all-round loudspeaker that is easily placed in any listening room. It is ideal for the many discerning music lovers who find compact two-way speakers very attractive because they are much less critical of their listening environment. The impedance characteristic of the Sonora system is flat, which makes this elegant loudspeaker a comfortable partner for most amplifiers.

Read the full review of our Sonora loudspeaker in German LowBeats “…has a tonal beauty and authenticity that has few rivals even in this class.” here

Specifications Sonora

Design: 2-way with passive bass radiator
Crossover Freq: 2500 Hz.
Frequency range: 28–30,000 Hz.
Sensitivity: 85dB @ 1W/1m
Impedance: 4ohms utilising PLIC (Peak Linear Impedance Control)
Dimensions (H X W X D): (H x W x D) 113 x 28 x 38.5 cm
Weight: 48 Kg each