Peak Sonora

Welcome to the entry level of Peak with Sonora Peak loudspeakers.
With Sonora you will experience music as it was recorded!

Peak Sonora Speaker

Our Sonora is a two-way floor standing speaker with a passive radiator design. It has the same footprint as a bookshelf speaker on a stand. Because of the perfectly build cabinet along with the passive radiator design, it offers a much deeper and more precise bass response accompanied with remarkable bass dynamics.

The crossover is 100% separated acoustically in order to avoid any unwanted microphonic effects. With this in mind, many audiophiles find two-way speakers very attractive because they are much less critical to listening room acoustics. Much less so than large 3-or 4-way speakers. The crossover design in a two-way speaker is much simpler and additionally the phase and time alignment between drivers are less critical as well.

Another key point is the Sonora crossover which is created with only the best components, or to put it differently: cost no object! As a result the Sonora enchants the listener with “live music experience” and a broad and open soundstage.

The impedance of the speaker is leveled which makes this speaker an especially comfortable partner for most amplifiers. Classical music and Jazz are reproduced pleasantly in the most natural and balanced way. In addition, human voices sound truly natural as well.

At the same time, without increased distortion, all sorts of modern music can be enjoyed even at high volume. The Sonora is the perfect all-round speaker with its slim design and for this reason, it is easily placed in most listening rooms ready to bring you the world of Peak.

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Specifications Sonora

Design: 2-way passive radiator
Crossover Freq: 2.500 Hz.
Frequency range: 28–30.000 Hz.
Sensitivity: 90dB @ 1W. / 1 m.
Impedance: 4ohms
Dimensions (H X W X D): 113X 28X 38,5cm
Weight: 48 Kg each