History of Peak Consult

Creating the Best High-End Loudspeakers

A New Era

In 2021 a new era commenced for Peak Consult. To fully maximise the brand’s opportunity on a worldwide scale, the company was bought by two investors. Buying into the key values and virtues the company still holds true today, tradition, constant evolution and quality – three new products were launched straight away.

Lennart Asbjørn, CEO, managing the production and administration in Middelfart, Denmark. Lennart is a passionate audiophile himself and ensures the day to day running of the business can keep up with the growing global demand. With a successful career background in haute cuisine, Lennart totally understands the values of meticulous preparation, perfect presentation and high-quality ingredients – all of which relate directly to manufacturing ultra-high-quality
loudspeakers. Wilfried Ehrenholz is supervising product development, strategy and supporting Peak Consult in marketing and distribution. Wilfried was the co-founder of Dynaudio and for many years the sole owner. Wilfried’s experience and know-how in the audio business and speaker development is second to none. Like Lennart, he is also a passionate music lover and has a depth of knowledge that far exceeds many decades of speaker development.

With the combined talents of Lennart and Wilfried building on the core DNA of PEAK – tradition, evolution and quality, the brand is set to keep flourishing and earning respect. Peak Consult products are receiving glowing recommendations from the international press. With many innovative ideas and an exciting vision for the future, this amazing brand has yet to reach its peak. In truth, the story has only just begun for this incredible Danish brand…

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