El Diablo

The El Diablo loudspeaker has been one of the most successful Peak products since its launch. In 2007, the US magazine Stereophile did an amazing in-depth review with the first-generation model. Since then, we have continuously evolved the El Diablo with updated drivers, improved crossover components and a new cabinet construction.

Peak El Diablo Loudspeaker

The latest version, launched in 2021, is a complete redesign from the original. The cabinet, drive units and crossover are significantly improved. The main objective of the design and development process was to create a balanced and natural sounding loudspeaker capable of captivating sound reproduction at all listening levels, with minimal distortion. The heavy and extremely well damped cabinet is equipped with a ported double bass driver configuration. The specially designed drive units can reproduce all music from the highest tones to the lowest frequencies without compromising dynamics.

Peak El Diablo

The mid-range drive unit is considered the most important driver in a loudspeaker. The El Diablo mid-range has been developed to satisfy one of Peak’s primary virtues, making the loudspeaker disappear when listening to music. It renders sound realistic and natural across a wide frequency range. It integrates seamlessly with the bass drivers and tweeter, enhancing the listening experience and without any doubt reaching our goal to open the sound picture to the next level. During months of measurement and listening sessions with the El Diablo, the Peak engineers have focused on achieving a linear frequency response, optimizing the phase and transient response, and incorporating a linear impedance. Linearity in the impedance creates an effortless load for the amplifier. Peak Consult has always taken a lot of pride in this matter. This will have a positive impact on sound quality as the amplifier can perform to its optimal potential. Peak Linear Impedance Control (PLIC) is used in all Peak speakers.
The El Diablo plays the subtle orchestral strings in the same authentic manner as it produces a full symphony orchestra or a hard rock band. The El Diablo is a true statement in every listening room, featuring timeless aesthetics and a captivating musical performance. The El Diablo demonstrates decades of understanding in loudspeaker development of the highest audio quality. Our vision has always been no compromises and without any cost constraints. These high-performance loudspeakers provide the ultimate listening experience for our customers.

Specifications El Diablo

Design: 3-way, ported design
Crossover Freq: 350 Hz/2400 Hz
Frequency range: 20–30,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 90dB @ 1w/1m
Impedance: 5 ohms, utilising PLIC (Peak Linear Impedance Control)
Dimensions (H X W X D): 115 x 30 x 54 cm
Weight: 90 kg each