Peak Consult Denmark offer you a warranty period of 5 years on our products provided that maintenance and caring measures are followed thoroughly. Peak Speakers are intended for private use only and any
other use is not covered by the warranty. Noticeable faults must be reported within two weeks following delivery of the goods. Claims in respect to defects occurring out of noticeable defects can no longer be
asserted after this deadline. Any defects that cannot be identified even upon thorough inspection within the above mentioned period must be reported immediately and without delay upon discovery to the Dealer/Distributor. In the event of warranted complaints, the Supplier shall be entitled to choosing between either reworking the malfunctioning Part or provide a replacement to the Customer against return of the items representing the cause of complaint. Any claim regarding hardwood must be personally examined by the Dealer/distributor and detailed photo documentation must be forwarded to the manufacturer. If the Supplier meets its obligations regarding solving the deficiencies, the Customer shall not be entitled to reduce remuneration or to rescind the Contract unless correction measures fail. If correcting measures or replacement should be impossible, and or, if either measure should fail twice, or be
refused, the Customer may at its own discretion request either an appropriate price reduction or rescission of the Contract.