Maintenance and loving care

Caring for your Peak speakers

Dear Music Lover, It´s worthwhile carrying out light service and maintenance on your beautiful speakers to have them last for decades, in particular as follows: – Connectors, Fittings, Bars and Pods must be inspected regularly and if required, screwing joints on mounting bars/pods oiled with few drops of acid free oil.

All woodwork and acrylic on your speakers should be dusted of regularly and, only if needed, cleansed with a damped cloth. Bass & midrange drivers can also carefully be cleansed with a damped cloth taking care not to damage or fracture the fragile cone and rubber surrounding. Wood is a “living” material that will react on the environment as known with delicate furniture. It´s advised to ensure that your speakers are not exposed to rapid humidity and temperature changes, direct sunlight, and small fingers. The superior American Walnut hardwood on your speakers has been oiled and waxed appropriately before leaving the Peak factory and no extra treatments are needed. If you after years detect color changes, please contact us for support. Any omitted maintenance work can impair the life and functionality of the components, without giving rise to defect claims against the Supplier.